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"Jacquelyn "Jacks" White, a young businesswoman, has aspirations of making a name for herself and her interior designing firm, J.A. White. But the road to success is anything but easy. She has two things working against her: she's black and she's a woman. As she attempts to climb the corporate ladder, she encounters obstacle after obstacle. Adversity is nothing new for Jacks. She came from a family life of adversity, always at odds with her mother. Older and on her own, how will Jacks handle her new adversaries: Corporate America? Will upward mobility be at the cost of her crossing ethic lines? For a woman, is the sky the limit or the limit the sky?

Newcomer T.A. Terrell takes readers on a literary journey as one woman struggles to satisfy the demands of the business world while seeking her own identity triggering a series of events. An impossible moral dilemma leads to a murderous climax. T.A. has succeeded in what she set out do, which is to write a novel that is thought provoking, entertaining and controversial. I Crossed the Line is a tale told with easy elegance. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading the forthcoming books in the J.A. White series."

Ms Toni 

VINE VOICE/ Amazon Review

"Jacquelyn White aka Jacks is the epitome of her daddy's and her mother's worst nightmare. Dealing with the tragedy of losing her father, Jacks conquest is to make a name for herself and not let anyone stand in her way. Climbing the corporate ladder is a piece of cake are so she thought. With many of men trailing behind her high heeled shoes and money at stake, Jacks truly finds out why it is a man's world

T.A. Terrell does a great job of mixing scandal, murder, obsession and passion and providing us with a solid debut effort. Readers will not be disappointed."


Amazon Review

"Adoring, sensitive and an enthusiast when it comes to her father, William, like most little girls, Jacquelyn (Jacks) is a daddy's girl. Dreaming of someday running her family's company, White Inc., alongside her dad. Before those imaginings can come into fruition, Jacks experiences her very first loss in love.

In the course of recovery, Jacks meets a man, Daniel. He's old enough to be her father. With no home, family, or friends, Jacks is dedicated to school and her relationship with Daniel, who she's certain, is destined to her husband. When a choice is needed, Jacks again finds herself defeated in love.

Atlanta has been the source of too much pain. Jacks is in search of a new sights. Fascinated by Washington, D.C., she loads up the Mercedes and moves. Carjacked, deprived, beleaguered and discriminated against for race and gender, Jacks learns that it's not about the quality as much as it is the strategic moves the opponent makes. Yet, you have to wonder, is it a crime or just aspiration?

J.A. White is now a lucrative company run by the very ambitious Jacks. While reaching both highs and lows in corporate America, Jacks has armed herself with a heck of a resume. Deceptive, greedy, loathing and risking someone's downfall, I CROSSED THE LINE, is one read that you won't want to miss.

Newcomer, T.A. Terrell, unbolts the boys' club by adding a fresh bold approach. It's a man's world....NOT!"

Spawned Jewel

 OOSA Online Book Club

I just want to say that this books is so refreshing and easy to read. I love to read but it's hard sometimes because of the distractions in my life. So I tend to drift off and get frustrated because it would take me a long time to read a book. After a year I finally picked up the book and decided to read it. I couldn't put it down. I love the story. Especially of how this young lady became so powerful through her struggles. It's been a month and I'm almost done reading. I'm glad I went straight to the back to see that this is a series. I look forward to reading all of your books.

Jennifer Waysome-Tomlin


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