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“What's Done is Done" Things aren't always as they seem

2nd book in the series (E-Book)


“What's Done is Done" Things aren't always as they seem.


Jacquelyn White is convinced that in order to protect her family, she must let the man she loves marry her sister. Now faced with a life without the man she loves and needing to fill the void in her heart, Jacquelyn decides to search for the family she never knew.  Her search leads her down two paths.  One path takes her down a road of disappointment and rejection; the other reveals a family secret that shocks and empowers her.


Unfortunately, her sense of empowerment quickly disappears as she realizes that the company she worked so hard to build had become a place of power grabs and deceptions.  Now her years of reluctant leadership force her to clean house, but there is a price for her negligence.  A price that could possibly cause her to lose everything she has worked so hard to build and destroy the family she’s trying to protect.


471 pages


With this novel, you'll experience:

  • Deep Emotional Resilience: Walk alongside Jacquelyn as she endures heartache, deals with rejection, and learns to rebuild her life. Her journey is a testament to human resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Dynamic Character Growth: Watch as Jacquelyn evolves from a sacrificial figure into a powerful woman who fights for her rightful place. Her transformation will inspire readers to embrace their inner strength and make bold life choices.
  • Empowerment: Witness a strong woman reclaim her position, take on corporate corruption, and restore integrity in her workplace. Jacquelyn's fight for justice in a deceitful environment is a powerful message about standing up against wrongdoings, no matter the cost.
  • Exploration of Family Ties: Uncover the mysterious family secret along with Jacquelyn and delve into the complexities of her familial relationships. This story will prompt readers to reflect on their own family ties and what they mean.
  • A Gripping Narrative: Get lost in a compelling story filled with unexpected twists and turns. Jacquelyn's quest for redemption, love, and truth will keep readers on the edge of their seats, turning pages late into the night.

This book isn't just about Jacquelyn's journey, but about every reader's journey through life's ups and downs. With every page turned, you'll find pieces of yourself in Jacquelyn's struggle, resilience, and ultimate transformation. Embark on this emotional journey through the "What’s Done is Done” things aren’t always as they seem.


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“What's Done is Done" Things aren't always as they seem

SKU: 0-9652680-2-8
  • 471 pages


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