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Black Marble
Black Marble


Black Marble

The heart knows what it wants. But is that really true if it’s been broken too many times?

All I wanted to do was to work side by side with my father in his design business. But a family secret killed one man I loved and caused another one to turn his back on me. Now my hearts in pieces.

With no support, I made decisions to survive and advance my business. I admit it had instant rewards, but devastating consequences.

Now I find myself in love with my best friend. A man from another race.  I know it shouldn’t matter.  But this is an issue for me. I don’t know if it’s my age or upbringing.

He knows some of the things I’ve done, but not all of it.  Would he stay if he did?

Should I use my questionable business decisions as an excuse to walk away from love and protect my heart from another heartbreak?  Or give love one more chance.


The JA White Series

For the fans who love Zane, Danielle Steele, and Shanda Rhimes will enjoy the plot twist and turns of this book series.

 This book series is full of love, sex, blackmail, humor, family secrets, betrayal, and an ongoing murder mystery. And a shocking ending!

TA Terrell Releases

Marble Surface

1st Book in Series

In the world of breathtaking mansions and high design, Jacquelyn White had one dream - to become an accomplished interior designer, just like her father. Born into a family of secrets, she was destined to carry on her father's legacy, their shared passion binding them closer than any father-daughter relationship could.

But life's design is often far more unpredictable and intricate than any blueprint.

Driven by bitterness and envy, a vengeful heart plots against Jacquelyn, leaving her stripped of her inheritance and her dreams shattered into a million pieces. To add to her torment, the loss extends beyond the material. Tragedy strikes again, wrenching from her grasp the only two men she has ever loved, her father and her soulmate.

Now, Jacquelyn is left with nothing but her resilient spirit and the creative spark that has defined her life. As she faces the ruins of her world, she must make a choice: give in to despair, or rise from the ashes, rekindle her dreams, and reclaim her lost love.

"I Crossed the Line, The journey begins" is a poignant journey of loss, love, and resilience set against the vibrant backdrop of the design world. This compelling tale, punctuated by rich descriptions and complex characters, explores the power of passion and the indomitable spirit of a woman wronged. With her inheritance and love at stake, can Jacquelyn reinvent her life's blueprint and turn adversity into her greatest design yet?

From sumptuous palaces to the human heart's intricate chambers, this book is an exploration of beauty, resilience, and the designs we make for love. "I Crossed the Line, the journey begins…" will captivate readers who are fans of emotional, character-driven narratives with a stylish and artistic touch. It's a tale of love lost and found, of dreams broken and rebuilt, all woven into the splendid tapestry of interior design. Will Jacquelyn be able to reshape her destiny and create the masterpiece that her life was meant to be? Unfold the pages to find out.

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2nd Book in Series

Jacquelyn White has always prioritized family above all else, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness. Resolute in her conviction, she makes an unthinkable decision to ensure their safety: she gives up the man she deeply loves, allowing him to marry her sister. It's a heartbreaking choice that leaves her world cold and empty.

To fill the void, Jacquelyn embarks on a quest to find the family she never knew she had, seeking a sense of belonging and purpose. This journey pulls her in two disparate directions, presenting her with both hope and despair. One path is a bitter road paved with rejection and disappointment; the other unveils a shocking family secret that holds the power to change her life forever.

Just when she begins to find strength in her newfound identity, she is thrust back into the cutthroat world she left behind. The company she built with sweat, passion, and dedication has been poisoned by deceit and power struggles. Her absence from leadership has allowed corruption to thrive, and now she must confront the cost of her negligence.

"What's Done is Done" is an enthralling tale of sacrifice, discovery, and redemption. It explores the complexities of familial relationships, the sacrifices made for love, and the struggle for integrity in a world rife with betrayal. As Jacquelyn navigates through her personal and professional challenges, she must find a way to reclaim her life and restore her company's integrity.

This compelling novel will captivate readers who relish in stories of emotional resilience, character growth, and powerful women reclaiming their rightful place. Will Jacquelyn be able to mend her broken heart, unearth her hidden family ties, and cleanse her company of corruption? The price is high, but Jacquelyn is no stranger to sacrifice. The journey through the "Paths of the Heart" is fraught with obstacles, but it may just lead to the redemption she seeks. Uncover her story, one page at a time.

Coming Soon

Black Marble

3rd Book in the Series - In Progress

Can't wait to see what happens next...
Start reading unedited  chapter  now! ​

White Marble
White Marble


“I did enjoy the story it was fast paced, and I was constantly wanting to find out what happened next.  I like that you address social issues without shoving them down the reader’s throat.”

Carrie Andrews

 I just want to say that this books is so refreshing and easy to read. I love to read but it's hard sometimes because of the distractions in my life. So I tend to drift off and get frustrated because it would take me a long time to read a book. After a year I finally picked up the book and decided to read it. I couldn't put it down. I love the story. Especially of how this young lady became so powerful through her struggles. It's been a month and I'm almost done reading. I'm glad I went straight to the back to see that this is a series. I look forward to reading all of your books.

Jennifer Waysome-Tomlin

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